Only Way To Build An Aldi? The Harris Way of Course! / October, 2017


We’re not sure how many we have built in total since our first Aldi store back in the 1990’s (somewhere near 400 apparently), but the latest on High Street, Clay Cross, South of Chesterfield has a special pertinence to our ‘buildability’ theme. The store opened at the end of October with a gross floor of 1903 sq.m and retail space of 1254 sq.m on a 1.85 acre site formerly occupied by Haus Herr, a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of equipment for mining, drilling and hydraulic engineering.

We had to overcome an engineering challenge of our own with serious level issues on the Northern boundary requiring a retaining wall over 2.5m high to be constructed. As they say, where there’s a will there’s a ‘Harris Way’ (just off the roundabout to the Western boundary as it happens).