Designing a Healthier Life for 2021 / December, 2020

New running clubs and commuting by bike are just two of the positives to have come out of 2020 for The Harris Partnership.

HPM Director Sarah Charlesworth said: “When I walked past a socially distanced queue for the office showers at lunch this week it solidified what I had been noticing and what, as a business we are going to continue to embrace and support in 2021 – an increase in physical activity to support our mental and physical well-being.”

“There has been an unprecedented level of lunchtime training in the Wakefield office and, when speaking to colleagues across the business, this is reflective of all offices in Manchester, Milton Keynes, Reading and London.

“Exercise, fresh air and taking time away from your desk during the day are really important, especially at the moment and is a habit we want to keep as we enter a new, and hopefully more prosperous new year.”