Whilst I’ve had time on my hands I have been reflecting on what life and work will be like post-lockdown. This is a truly unique time which none of us have ever experienced previously and it will probably never be the same again.

As we emerge from lockdown, I would like to think that at some point we will return to face to face conversations. These are often more constructive and flexible in enabling the discussion of a range of subjects and allowing opportunities to be explored, but I welcome the increased use of meeting technology to assist in reducing more routine or long-winded meetings as well as complex and spurious emails. Travelling less will reduce our carbon footprints and allow us to be more efficient in progressing schemes, utilising time saved to work on the projects in better ways.

Screen time technology has become an integral part of business in lockdown and people are already being more patient and considerate and for once, actually having longer conversations on the phone or via their laptop.

As a nation the whole episode should teach us all to appreciate others in better ways and is already changing our attitude to care workers and essential service providers. Perhaps this could eventually extend to our own politicians!

I hope this period of reflection influences our media to be less destructive and act in a more positive and responsible way, and maybe even report good news stories on a more regular basis. A positive attitude has always been the ethos of our business and we remain optimistic for the future. We’ve been approached with many new opportunities and are receiving on-going instructions to progress projects further forward.

We have always been cautious with the good times and this puts us in a strong position in times of crisis. I hope we can be of assistance to all our clients and contacts going forward, in order that we can all succeed in the lockdown era and beyond.