The 100 Club / July, 2016

THP Are now proud members of the 100 Club.

Sam’s severe mental health issues left him too scared to leave his house. Now he spends 2 days a week managing volunteers at a community arts project funded by a Leeds Community Foundation grant of £5,000.

Leeds Community Foundation is an independent charitable foundation that connects national and local donors to community groups and charities in and around the City.

Since 2005, they have given out over £27million in grants to over 3,000 community groups and charities to help people like Sam. This is thanks to generous donations from local individuals and companies.

The 100 Club is a patronage scheme run by LCF for individuals and businesses who are motivated to make a difference in Leeds. Members meet regularly to learn about the particular challenges Leeds faces and the initiatives which address them, with likeminded individuals.

As a successful local business, we feel more people should know about the 100 Club and the vital role it plays in helping the many individuals and community groups who work tirelessly for a better Leeds.

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