Site Responsive Landscape Design / March, 2014

Vector have been working closely with THP providing landscape design and consultancy services on a number of recent commercial development schemes requiring a sensitive approach to the sites design and varied levels of landscape and ecological mitigation measures.

Working with client, Harworth Estates on the business and industrial manufacturing facilities R-evolution, Rotherham, produced a landscape scheme incorporating measures to ensure the development provided biodiversity gain and BREEAM credits. Native woodland tree planting, species rich grassland and mixed native hedgerows were proposed to provide a sweep of habitat with nectar plants across the site for the benefit of a wide range of invertebrate, small mammal and bird species. Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning board granted approval unanimously and mentioned that it was a good example of development within the Borough.

For Bailey Drive, Gillingham an environmentally responsible and sensitive approach was required to ensure protection of existing habitats and to enhance the ecological value of the former Army Barracks site. A number of habitats of local ecological importance and protected species including the dormouse and reptile species were present on the site.

Landscape buffer zones to the sites boundaries were fundamental to the design incorporating retention of existing vegetation and the creation of new habitat suitable for the dormice and reptiles to provide a sweep of habitat across the site and maintain movement between neighbouring sites, including Ambley Woods, Local Nature Reserve.

Both of these recent projects demonstrate Vectors collaborative approach working closely with THP and project ecologists to create and protect sustainable floral and faunal populations, and provide opportunities of ecological landscape enhancement on developments.