REVIT Up / March, 2014

At The Harris Partnership Ltd we recognise that an increasing number of projects in the future will be produced using BIM technology. We have embraced the new technology and invested heavily in a Revit training programme to develop the knowledge required for the changes in the industry.

Adopting the BIM approach on strategic projects has enabled a greater focus on design and collaboration resulting in an integrated approach and improved communication between project team members. BIM has enabled us to solve problems and make key decisions relating to design and cost in the early stages of our projects.

Michael Schorah says “In 2011 we initially invested in several Revit workstations in our Wakefield office which have proved to be invaluable, particularly on the Haribo project which required a high level of information and coordination from the project team.

Having seen the advantaged of working with BIM technology we have now integrated Revit into the Manchester Office, which will be the first of our 4 offices on our “Revit roll out programme” to be fully functional with all workstations using Revit.

This has been a huge investment in terms of software cost and staff training but will allow us to keep ahead of the game, offer our clients a BIM methodology and puts us on the path to achieving the BIM level 2 required by the Government before 2016.”