Classic Refurbishments at Bowcliffe Hall / September, 2015

Much has been heard of the multi-award winning Blackburn Wing  but equally key to the £5.5m masterplan for the listed Bowcliffe Hall estate near Wetherby has been the suite of restored and refurbished leisure and office spaces.

Prominent amongst these is the exclusive Bowcliffe Drivers’ Club, with décor paying homage to the glamorous 1920’s and the golden age of motoring.


Formerly a boiler house, staff canteen and kitchens, these spaces have been transformed into a sumptuous members club with adjoining restaurant providing accommodation for 50 to 65 dining or reception guests. Here, elegant mahogany panelled walls are adorned with fine artworks and bespoke motor-heritage artefacts including light fittings created from a Bentley radiator, a leaping Jaguar and that ultimate bonnet ornament, the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy.

As part of the masterplan, THP has also managed the extensive restoration and refurbishment of the Cricket Pavilion, thought to be one of the oldest surviving in the country, and Rose Mount Cottage to deliver superb new office accommodation.Charlotte-Gale-Bowcliffe-Exteriors-Fullsize-6732-2