200 Jobs Hope as Plans Submitted for Multimillion Pound Rotherham Manufacturing Facility / February, 2021

A planning application has been submitted by the AMP’s developer, Harworth Group, for a 100,000 sq ft unit, purpose-built for SBD Apparel, on remaining commercial land at Waverley.

The plans, drawn up by consultants, the Harris Partnership, state: “The proposed development will provide the company with a new headquarters in a dedicated building which will combine all its employees and facilities from the 5 buildings the company utilises at present. It will enable the company to expand as follows:

• Triple its employees in the next 5 years from 100-300 staff.
• Distribute to approximately 100 countries worldwide (40 at present).
• Increase production of existing products.
• Develop new products as well as bringing prototypes to market.
• Expand into different sport markets from powerlifting to Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics.

“The application seeks to build on the success of both the AMP and a local company which contributes towards the advanced manufacturing success of the region. The AMP wants to retain SBD as an occupier so they can build on their staggering success and growth over the last few years.”